About Hugo

I've got 2 passions: entrepreneurship and distributed agile framework. 

Since a very young age, I wanted to set up companies. And that's what I still love: putting ideas into action, creating something out of nothing. The MBA I did at Erasmus University in Rotterdam in combination with a structured character makes me strong at process and organization. Empathy helps me to understand and align with others, making me a strong manager and teamplayer. 

In 2004, I made a trip to India and fell in love with the country, people, culture and IT's possibilities. When I came back in 2005, I started Bridge Global. Without much experience nor contacts, I took projects from Dutch software companies and outsourced those to partners in Ukraine. I probably made all the mistakes one can make (I'm always inclined to just start acting and solve problems when I face them). In 2008 I realized I needed my own setup and started offices with partners in Ukraine and Moldova. End of 2008, I moved to India with my family and set up our office there. It took me years to get the right people on board, doing the right things across cultures and distance. Today, it works. I'm fortunate to have a great management team that manages the day to day operations. 

In 2014, I wrote 6 books about managing distributed teams, together with experts from all over the world. I'm a regular speaker on (agile) conferences. In 2015, I decided it was time for a new adventure. I took a sabbatical, went to Indonesia and decided 2 things: 1. I wanted to live on Bali and 2. I want to help others succeed with (distributed) agile. 

I'm currently living on Bali with my family. I don't work all them time, but when I do, I'm growing Ekipa. Ekipa is an educational platform for distributed team work. 

After arriving in Bali, I set up a few (life) experiments. I found out that Indonesia is relatively low on the 'agile maturity' scale. Many companies started applying scrum, lean, agile. But there's a lack of trainers and coaches. So I started Ekipa Indonesia